Music takes you there
Songs are like smells. They ignite that part of our brain that vividly brings back memories of a certain place in time. Where you had the night of your life, where you first fell in love... 
So we made a companion app, SONGMAP, that takes those feelings and places them in the real world. Place those songs where they mean the most to you, see where others place theirs, and go on genre walks that lead you to your favorite tunes. 
And of course we've got some spots for the app's launch. 
Opening the app, users are greeted with the loading screen, then directly to the map. The map is automatically set to the users location.
Tap to change map view and double tap to navigate. 

Expanding the navigation window reveals a list of  nearby posts.
These are songs posted by users, tagged to specific locations. 
Click on a post to stream the songs and reveal more information
Clicking on the settings menu reveals different ways to filter the map.
For example, in the genre setting, users could choose a map that only shows songs under the METAL category.
To drop their own song, users click on the top left icon. 
This reveals a live camera as well as options to add tags to their drop, and a short message on what the song and location means to them.

Tapping on the right reveals the user's profile.
Here, music saved from the map are stored, plus additional user data. 
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